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The cost of cakes depends on the complexity of custom cake design and starts from $7 per serving for one tier cake and $8 for two tiers.
Price includes coating - Velvet or Mirror glaze. Please note that not all 3D shapes can be glazed, only Velvet coated, due to 3D relief, which won't be visible after applying mirror glaze on the surface. You can find information about avaliable coating below each 3D Shape picture.
We rate the serving size of mousse cake is 100 g = 3.5 oz. Since this kind of desserts are lighter in calories than traditional buttercream cakes, you can consider a bigger portions for your guests and yourself. At the same time that's up to you to determine the size of portion you prefer.
All our Handmade Chocolate decorations are priced extra. Prices depends on complexity of the composition.
Our Petit Gâteau are $5 per each with minium order of one dozen of one taste.
Our Handmade Chocolate truffles are starting from $2.5 per each with minium order of one dozen of one taste.
Our French Macarons are $5 per each with minium order of one dozen of one taste.


We offer delivery in Colorado Springs for $30 flat rate. If the cake needs to be delivered outside Colorado springs, the price will be determined depending on milage roundtrip.
You can pick up your order yourself, in this case we are not responsible for anything happening with your order after you got it. We are located at Broadmoor area.
Some of our cakes can have a fine decoration, like chocolate statues, which has to be assembled on site, in this case delivery is the only option.

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