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French Macaron

Handcrafted Lucious French macarons by Parfait Sweets

Our Premium French Macarons are all handcrafted. THE SHELL is completely GLUTEN FREE, THE FILLINGS are Belgian Premium Chocolate base, fruit purees and Premium Alcohol. Our customers love it for this pleasant melt-in-your-mouse effect. Try it when you make your next order, but be careful - it is extremely addictive!

French macaron
Milk chocolate ganache filling infused with Irish cream liquour

French macaron
White chocolate ganache filling with coconut milk
French macaron
Dark chocolate ganache filling with fresh ginger, toffee caramel insert
French macaron
Orange juice infused white chocolate ganache filling
French macaron
Rose water infused white chocolate ganache filling, Strawberry jelly insert
French macaron
Coffee infused milk chocolate ganache filling