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Parfait Sweets - Connoisseur in modern pastry art

Welcome to Parfait Sweets - the home of Exquisite European style desserts located in Colorado Springs. We create Mirror Glazed Cakes decorated with Handcrafted Chocolate flowers for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers or any other occasion. We offer a unique Dessert and Candy bar to impress your guests and make your special day one-of-a-kind. Our colorful Handmade Chocolates, Bonbons, Macarons can be a peculiar gift for your beloved ones or an alluring touch to your bridal shower. Sometimes you don’t need to wait for an occasion to make a tasteful and artistic surprise for someone you love.
We love our discerning customers and work for each order as an atelier by helping to create the brightest and unique taste combination, 3D design and decoration. Believe us, we know how to create “Wow effect” in your party! All you need is to describe your vision and we’ll be glad to do everything else for you so your Dessert bar will be looking as a celebration of artistry and design.
We use Premium European Chocolate and local organic ingredients. If you need a gluten free or lactose free dessert, Parfait Sweets is ready to assist.

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”

-Ernestine Ulmer

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Cocoa bean shape truffle

Why we use fine Belgian chocolate for our products

on August 22, 2018

Created in the oldest factories in Belgium by roasting cocoa beans from the best West-African plantations – this chocolate is designed for the most discerning customers. From the first bite it evokes taste buds with its distinguishing chocolate taste no one can resist. That’s why chefs love it so much.

chocolate flower

Chocolate: Health benefits

on July 18, 2018

If you asked what all sweet tooth love without an exception, we’d answered yes, it is chocolate, which is not only delicious but also provides excellent health benefits. Of course we are talking about real chocolate, not junk ones from a supermarket with numerous unwanted ingredients.

christmas chocolate fest colorado springs

Artisan chocolate vs. Mass production

on July 2, 2018

Do you actually ask yourself what are the most chocolate bars from the regular store are made of? Do they even contain any cocoa products? Well, the truth is that not all candies and products with a chocolate flavor are considered real chocolate based on complex FDA guidelines and regulations.